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Most Popular Policies of Shriram General Insurance

  • Raheja QBE Health Insurance
    The policy is chiefly designed for people detected with cancer and it offers financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Health Insurance plan
    • No exit age applicable for policies without any break
    • Benefits available even after policy expiry
    • No medical examination required up to 50 years
    • No policy renewal after admission of one claim
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  • Raheja QBE Accident Personal Plan
    The plan offers benefits if insured people suffer from accidental injuries.
    Key features of Accident Personal plan
    • Hospital confinement allowance available on additional premium
    • Coverage available for extended medical expenses
    • Coverage available for loss of employment of policyholders
    • Education fund available
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  • Domestic property insurance plan
    This domestic property insurance plan provides coverage against both domestic fire and burglary.
    Key features of domestic property insurance plan
    • coverage for bulk items on the basis of ‘first loss’
    • Loss/damage by burglary is covered
    • Aircraft damages are covered
    • 3% claim amount to cover fees of engineers, surveyors and architects
  • Raheja Office Package Insurance Policy
    This corporate package policy offers complete protection against assets in the office.
    Key features of Office Package Insurance Policy
    • Coverage against terrorism on additional premium
    • Loss of rent is covered
    • Extended theft coverage
    • Alternative accommodation rent is available

Raheja Accident Personal

Accidents may come up to your life as an unforeseeable incident. Any mishap like this can make all things topsy-turvy within few seconds. So the security of the family members of yours should be prioritized by you so that they can maintain proper standard of living in your absence or disability.

Raheja accident personal insurance is an insurance policy which provides comprehensive benefits for the insured persons. You or your family members can get compensation amount based on the nature of accident.

Key benefits of the policy that you may acquire

  • Total amount of sum insured is payable in case of accidental death and permanent total disability.
  • In case of permanent partial disability, the compensation amount with depend on the nature of accident rather injury and a particular percentage of the capital sum insured is provided according to advice of the insurer’s prearranged medical practitioner.
  • If the happening is of temporary total disablement, the compensation amount is 1% of the total sum insured that is INR 5000.

Coverable areas of the policy for that you may become compensated

If any accident occurs with an insured person within the policy period, he or she can be facilitated with the below mentioned incidents.

  • Compensation is payable as per the sum insured of the insured person due to any death case caused by an injury as a result of accident. The compensation amount is provided, if death is occurred within 12 months from the date of accident.
  • Payment of compensation is also obtainable in case of permanent total disability due to bodily injury caused by a serious accident and there is no chance of improvement in future. If you or any insured member of your family will become totally disabled person to fulfill normal duties as well as to do occupational works, compensation amount is provided.
  • If any permanent partial disablement is happened within 12 months from the date of incurring accident, compensation amount is payable for the insured person.
  • Temporary total disablement as a result of bodily injury due to an accident is also covered under this policy.

Additional coverage along with additional premium amount

Areas of expenses


Extension of medical expenses

Covers medical expenses incurred due to an accident which results bodily injury

Allowance for hospital internment

Daily allowance is provided in case of hospitalization of maximum 30 days due to accident

Additional benefits that you can get from the policy

  • Cost of transport during carrying dead body along with the funeral charges is covered.
  • Ambulance charge due to hospitalization is also covered.
  • Educational benefit of Rs.5000 for each of the two dependent children is provided in case of death or permanent total disablement.
  • 2% of the total sum insured is payable in case of loss of employment due to permanent total disability.

Exclusions from policy coverage

Areas of consideration


Self-injury or attempt to suicide, insanity

Not covered

Accident under influence of alcohol or drugs

Not covered

Death due to childbirth

Not covered

Breach of law, adventure sports, terrorism

Not covered