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Get the Best Health Insurance Plan Online in India





Most Popular Policies of Shriram General Insurance

  • Raheja QBE Health Insurance
    The policy is chiefly designed for people detected with cancer and it offers financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Health Insurance plan
    • No exit age applicable for policies without any break
    • Benefits available even after policy expiry
    • No medical examination required up to 50 years
    • No policy renewal after admission of one claim
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  • Raheja QBE Accident Personal Plan
    The plan offers benefits if insured people suffer from accidental injuries.
    Key features of Accident Personal plan
    • Hospital confinement allowance available on additional premium
    • Coverage available for extended medical expenses
    • Coverage available for loss of employment of policyholders
    • Education fund available
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  • Domestic property insurance plan
    This domestic property insurance plan provides coverage against both domestic fire and burglary.
    Key features of domestic property insurance plan
    • coverage for bulk items on the basis of ‘first loss’
    • Loss/damage by burglary is covered
    • Aircraft damages are covered
    • 3% claim amount to cover fees of engineers, surveyors and architects
  • Raheja Office Package Insurance Policy
    This corporate package policy offers complete protection against assets in the office.
    Key features of Office Package Insurance Policy
    • Coverage against terrorism on additional premium
    • Loss of rent is covered
    • Extended theft coverage
    • Alternative accommodation rent is available

Raheja Commercial Packages

A business is always exposed to different sorts of risk factors. Any unsolicited happening like public liability or technology breakdown can lead the business owner to loss. To safeguard your business, it is essential to make your business protected from such kinds of unforeseeable events. Commercial insurance packages are there to aid the business owners to make it sure that any kind of interruption does not cost your business.

Though there is a large number of commercial packages available in market, Raheja QBE insurance company is providing a comprehensive protection against all sorts of negative circumstances through their Raheja Commercial Packages Insurance policy.

They offer a wide range of insurance solutions for your business from which you can get options to choose considering its appropriateness combining with your business. The coverage of this insurance policy includes compensation for damage of property, theft machinery breakdown and many other situations.

Know all coverage under this policy

  • Any damage of business property due to natural or allied perils like fire is included under the coverage of policy.
  • Loss in business regarding burglary is recovered by this insurance policy.
  • Any kind of business interruption caused by fire or allied perils is included under coverage of policy.
  • Money insurance is also covered in case of money in transit.
  • Coverage against plate glass and neon signs or glow signs for business promotion is feasible.
  • Expenses for any physical problem in electrical equipment and machinery breakdown are coverable under the policy.
  • All risk insurance is included for the protection of all contents within business building and other risk factors which involve in loss of business.
  • As personal accident is insured, you can get compensation for physical loss or damage due to an accident.
  • Fidelity guarantee insurance is also included in this insurance policy.
  • You can also get benefit of Public liability insurance.

Pay additional premium and get benefitted from more aspects

If you want more coverage than the usual, you can provide extra premium amount to be insured on many others risk factors along with the given coverage frame. Few areas of expenses are there which are extendable for cover. Take a look on those areas in the following table.

Additional benefits

Extension in coverage

Loss in business due to terrorist attack


Loss of rent in case of giving your property on rent


Rent for substitute accommodation


Benefit of Compensation in case of loss due to theft


Be well-informed about the contingencies that are not covered by insurer

  • Damage or loss of business property caused by radioactive contamination is under exclusions of coverage.
  • Loss of business which is associated with risks of war is not covered.
  • You cannot get compensation while damage is consequent to any audible explosion.
  • In case the damage occurred is associated with environmental pollution or contamination, the insurer is not liable to pay.
  • Gradually occurring losses are not under coverage also.
  • If damage is occurred due to willful act by the insured him or herself or anyone as the person’s representative, it is not subject to cover.