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Most Popular Policies of Shriram General Insurance

  • Raheja QBE Health Insurance
    The policy is chiefly designed for people detected with cancer and it offers financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Health Insurance plan
    • No exit age applicable for policies without any break
    • Benefits available even after policy expiry
    • No medical examination required up to 50 years
    • No policy renewal after admission of one claim
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  • Raheja QBE Accident Personal Plan
    The plan offers benefits if insured people suffer from accidental injuries.
    Key features of Accident Personal plan
    • Hospital confinement allowance available on additional premium
    • Coverage available for extended medical expenses
    • Coverage available for loss of employment of policyholders
    • Education fund available
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  • Domestic property insurance plan
    This domestic property insurance plan provides coverage against both domestic fire and burglary.
    Key features of domestic property insurance plan
    • coverage for bulk items on the basis of ‘first loss’
    • Loss/damage by burglary is covered
    • Aircraft damages are covered
    • 3% claim amount to cover fees of engineers, surveyors and architects
  • Raheja Office Package Insurance Policy
    This corporate package policy offers complete protection against assets in the office.
    Key features of Office Package Insurance Policy
    • Coverage against terrorism on additional premium
    • Loss of rent is covered
    • Extended theft coverage
    • Alternative accommodation rent is available

Raheja General Liability

The business owners have liability towards the society; rather it can be mentioned as to their customers, to the suppliers and also the general public. If anyone becomes harmed from any of your business activities, they have full right to take steps against you. As a result the court can award you with a large amount of compensation for the individual.

In such a condition, the reputation of your business can be impaired along with the financial losses. So to secure your business, you can opt for any of the Liability insurance policies. Raheja General Liability Insurance includes various plans like Public Liability, Product Liability and Combined General Liability.

You can choose one from these diverse plans offered by Raheja General Insurance Company. There is option for online buying of these plans.

Combined General Liability Insurance plan

This policy is the perfect combination of product and public liability. So you can enjoy all liabilities within one plan and may protect your business from these risks. As accident can happen instead of taking all necessary precautions, you must always ready to handle such an accident especially if it is done by your negligence. Now take a look on the coverage and benefits offered by this policy, which is required before purchasing the policy.

Coverage under the policy

Protection against conditions


Protection against personal injury, property damage and advertising injury


Legal liabilities arising out of the incidents involving goods or services produced and distributed by you


Additional benefits associated with extra premium amount

In this combined general liability insurance policy, few additional benefits are provided if you will give little additional amount with the usual premium amount.

  • Damage to premises is covered by providing minimal extra premium amount, which are rented to the insured.
  • Coverage for additional insured is allowed in case of any requirement, which is possible by written contracts.
  • Extension in coverage is feasible for vendors.
  • Liability for the employees is taken by the insurer in additional benefits.

Exclusions from the coverage of policy

This policy excludes many conditions of loss or damage, injury or illness as liability due to the followings.

  • Any condition arising out of war, act of foreign enemy, civil war, invasion, hostilities, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power is excluded from the coverage.
  • Damage caused byaircraft, aircraft products, hovercraft and watercraft is not insurer’s liability.
  • Employment liability is not covered unless it is covered specifically by providing additional premium.
  • Damage caused by fault in workmanship is not covered.
  • Contractual and professional liability is not listed under the combined general liability policy.
  • Harm caused by radiation or pollution by radioactivity arisen from any nuclear fuel or from any waste of nuclear from the ignition of nuclear fuel is not the liability of the insurer.
  • Illness or disease of customers arising out of defect in product or service provided by the insured is not under coverage.
  • Fines, Punitive damages and Penalties are also not covered by the policy itself.