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Get the Best Health Insurance Plan Online in India





Most Popular Policies of Shriram General Insurance

  • Raheja QBE Health Insurance
    The policy is chiefly designed for people detected with cancer and it offers financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Health Insurance plan
    • No exit age applicable for policies without any break
    • Benefits available even after policy expiry
    • No medical examination required up to 50 years
    • No policy renewal after admission of one claim
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  • Raheja QBE Accident Personal Plan
    The plan offers benefits if insured people suffer from accidental injuries.
    Key features of Accident Personal plan
    • Hospital confinement allowance available on additional premium
    • Coverage available for extended medical expenses
    • Coverage available for loss of employment of policyholders
    • Education fund available
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  • Domestic property insurance plan
    This domestic property insurance plan provides coverage against both domestic fire and burglary.
    Key features of domestic property insurance plan
    • coverage for bulk items on the basis of ‘first loss’
    • Loss/damage by burglary is covered
    • Aircraft damages are covered
    • 3% claim amount to cover fees of engineers, surveyors and architects
  • Raheja Office Package Insurance Policy
    This corporate package policy offers complete protection against assets in the office.
    Key features of Office Package Insurance Policy
    • Coverage against terrorism on additional premium
    • Loss of rent is covered
    • Extended theft coverage
    • Alternative accommodation rent is available

Raheja Health Insurance

Raheja health insurance plan is to provide people the best treatment. In the rising cost of medical treatments, it is necessary to have arrangement of enough money to expend in emergency. As today cancer is a disease which has been spread throughout the world and thousands of people are facing this problem, Raheja cancer insurance policy is to give financial support to those people.

With this financial support, people may possess adequate treatment in time and thus their lives can be saved. Through this insurance policy, you can get numbers of benefits to struggle against cancer.

Benefits that you can get from Raheja cancer insurance

  • If cancer is diagnosed, expenditure required for further diagnostic investigation or treatment is provided by the insurer. In such a case, a lump sum of INR 250,000 or 50% of the total sum insured is covered under this policy.
  • The expense amount for treatment can be reimbursed if you will submit all original bills originated by the hospital or medical institution. Until the entire sum is bushed, you can apply for getting reimbursement.
  • In case cancer of the insured person is diagnosed within the policy period, he or she can get the facility of coverage even after expiry of policy period. This is valid up to 5 years from the issue of policy unless the total sum insured is not exhausted.
  • As medical tests are needed to be done prior to issuing the policy to make it sure that the new policy holder has not pre-existing cancer, they provide 50% of the expenses for incurring the medical tests.
  • After renewal of claim free year, the insured person can get the facility of 5% increase on the total sum insured and also a cumulative bonus is provided which can be possible up to 25%.

Eligibility required for issuing a policy



Entry age

1 day

70 years

Insured sum

1 lakh

10 lakhs

Terms and conditions of policy

  • In case any person under 50 years of age is willing to issue a policy, he or she must possess certification from any reputed medical practitioner as well as self-declaration that he or she has not pre-existing cancer.
  • If the person is more than 50 years, he or she should go through medical tests to confirm that he or she is not suffering from pre-existing disease.
  • After expiring a policy period, the premium amount for renewal should be submitted within 30 days of grace period. If it would not be feasible, the insurer provides another option to make a fresh policy. In such a case, benefits from the expired policy are not obtainable.

Exclusions under the policy

Matters of consideration


Any disease or illness caused by nuclear weapons or radiation or radioactivity

Not covered

Cancer or cancer related complexities which the insured had symptoms and was diagnosed within 48 months before issuing policy

Not covered

Delivering any incorrect information willingly or matter of fraudulent

Not covered

Any claim where the existence of cancer is not clear with the diagnostic investigation

Not covered