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Most Popular Policies of Shriram General Insurance

  • Raheja QBE Health Insurance
    The policy is chiefly designed for people detected with cancer and it offers financial protection to policyholders.
    Key features of Health Insurance plan
    • No exit age applicable for policies without any break
    • Benefits available even after policy expiry
    • No medical examination required up to 50 years
    • No policy renewal after admission of one claim
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  • Raheja QBE Accident Personal Plan
    The plan offers benefits if insured people suffer from accidental injuries.
    Key features of Accident Personal plan
    • Hospital confinement allowance available on additional premium
    • Coverage available for extended medical expenses
    • Coverage available for loss of employment of policyholders
    • Education fund available
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  • Domestic property insurance plan
    This domestic property insurance plan provides coverage against both domestic fire and burglary.
    Key features of domestic property insurance plan
    • coverage for bulk items on the basis of ‘first loss’
    • Loss/damage by burglary is covered
    • Aircraft damages are covered
    • 3% claim amount to cover fees of engineers, surveyors and architects
  • Raheja Office Package Insurance Policy
    This corporate package policy offers complete protection against assets in the office.
    Key features of Office Package Insurance Policy
    • Coverage against terrorism on additional premium
    • Loss of rent is covered
    • Extended theft coverage
    • Alternative accommodation rent is available

Raheja Miscellaneous

Insurance policies are purchased by the individuals to be insured from all aspects of life and for making him or herself secured from any kind of risk. Raheja is an Insurance service provider company, which offers you security from various aspects. Raheja Miscellaneous is one of the offered insurance policies by this company.

Two variations are there under this insurance, which are named as Money Insurance and Fidelity Guarantee. These two variations offer different coverage, which are discussed below.

Money Insurance

This policy is responsible to secure money during any transition in case it is carried by the insured person or by any one of the authorized person by the insured. It is covered till the person does not reach to the actual destination.

Policy coverage



Loss of money during transit due to theft, robbery or any other fortuitous act


Loss of money from locked safe caused by theft, burglary or housebreaking


Excluded things from coverage

  • Coverage amount is not payable for shortage of money due to error or omission.
  • Insurer is not liable for loss of money from anyone other than insured or any of the authorized persons.
  • Coverage is not considered for loss of money due to fraud or dishonesty.
  • Happening of loss after office hours is not covered.
  • In case the money is lost from safe room by using duplicate key, insurer is not liable to pay.
  • Damage or loss directly or indirectly caused by terrorist attack, flood, storm, earth quake, cyclone, tornado, typhoon or any other natural disasters.
  • When any war or warlike situation is responsible for loss.
  • Consequential loss or legal liability resulting from radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • Loss or damage caused by any nuclear weapon.
  • Cash in counter or till.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance is designed to provide compensation for any financial loss in the insured’s business due to fraudulent or any dishonest act by an employee. The areas of coverage offered by this policy are discussed below.

Coverage under the policy



Financial loss faced by the insured caused by fraudulent or dishonesty performed by employees of the insured


Payable amount equivalent to actual financial loss confronted by the insured, the payable amount is subject to alteration against salary of the employee as security deposit


The amount is payable for a claim up to the limit of loss specified for the employee


Exclusions from coverage

The policy does not cover any loss of the insured if anyone of the followings happens.

Any alteration is the circumstances or situations of the held employment without approval of the company.

In case loss arising out of the geographical boundary, that means out of India.

Loss caused by non-observance or moderation in system.

If the loss is discovered more than 12 months later from the termination of service of the employee, insurer does not pay.

Any kind of consequential loss or inventory loss is not coverable.

Any sort of legal liability is not covered under the policy.